Life with 2 Monkey Dogs

This blog is an addition to the one our mini schnauzer Magic hosts at Life in the Doghouse click on the link to check her blog out too!

It is a place for me to record images and posts about our two little affenpinschers but also any other little snippets that Magic chooses not to comment on 🙂

We have had miniature schnauzers for nearly 20 years but one day in 2007 we decided to introduce a new kind of dog to our family and chose the affenpinscher. This breed is thought to have been used many years in the past to develop the miniature schnauzer from the standard schnauzer. The lively and intelligent dog that resulted took characteristics from the little affenpinscher but retained the schnauzer look and made a perfect family companion.

The affenpinscher is an old breed – one of the oldest of the toy breeds dating back to the 17th century or earlier. It has appeared in paintings and drawings from years ago. The name is German in origin and means ‘monkey terrier’ or ‘monkey dog’ probably because of the cheeky monkey expression on their faces:

Aoife looking rather bedraggled 🙂


Crybbe was our first affen – he came to us in late 2007 as a tiny pup. Here he is sharing the sofa with Lace one of our 2 cats.:

Affenpinschers can have pricked ears – as Crybbe does or dropped ears (which are now more common here in the UK) like Aoife .

Affenpinschers generally stand about 9″-12″ (23cm-30cm) and weigh between 10lbs – 13 lbs (4.5kg and 6kg) with males being slightly larger than females. They are intelligent dogs and very comical in their antics. They are certain to make you laugh with their posturing and air of self importance. However affenpinschers can be very territorial and possessive of food, toys and their chosen sleeping spot and they can often defend them with nipping and growling which make them unsuitable as pets in households with young children. Having said that, they are affectionate and companionable little dogs, wary with strangers but full of lively fun and, as with us, one affen often leads to one more and…..possibly more?

This was Aoife when she joined our family in April 2011.

It is as hard now to imagine life without an affenpinscher as it is without a mini schnauzer. They all get on well together as with our 2 cats and 6 hens! Affenpinschers may be small but they are the top canines in this family for sure 🙂


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